I-70 Series

The I-70 series features the relics of service stations found along Interstate 70 between St. Louis and Kansas City Missouri.  These two cities inhabit the most easterly and most westerly areas of the state.  Interstate 70 links these two provincial cities in an almost straight line.  While traveling between those two cities visiting family, I observed numerous abandoned fuel and service stations that dot the landscape on either side of that highway.  I found these structures compelling architecturally and indeed metaphorically given that they seem to mirror the ever-changing economic degradation in Middle America.  Soon after, my lens followed these structures on my travels.  These lonely broken unique buildings possess those transitory themes I am compelled to visit again and again in my work.  Once with a specific purpose now without, except one that follows that decomposition of compositions.  In this case the compositions were man made and structurally unique to one purpose.  Box upon box surrounding an altar where petrol can be tapped to support our motorized needs and vehicular obsession.  They appear to me as vacant monoliths creating a gauntlet along the open road without threat to the passerby.  Without notice or function rendered useless by all consuming truck stop comfort zones that offer more and more under one roof.  They serve as a reminder of the rapid loss of individuality that is pervasive in contemporary American culture and the hunger for the quick satisfaction of the snack, the slushee, the fuel. 
This series is ongoing and I am now photographing abandoned service stations wherever I might find them.  I-70 and beyond. 2016-17